Design And Build A Room To Grow: Money Can Grow On Trees 1st Edition


Design And Build A Room To Grow: Money Can Grow On Trees 1st Edition


This never-done-before book provides step by step instructions for designing, building and effectively operating a grow room. There are hundreds of books available for growing the plants but…. there are no in depth guides available to help with the first step…. building the growroom.Whether you are planning a project or already operating a growroom this book will arm you with all of the necessary details for space selection, equipment selection, equipment costs, room construction, equipment locations, electrical requirements, operating guidelines, utility costs, supply costs and revenue estimates.Beginning growers can save thousands of dollars in costly mistakes with the information in this unique book. Experienced growers can save even more with just a few of the innovative operating techniques detailed within.Whether you are considering a grow closet, a grow tent, a bedroom grow, a garage grow, a warehouse grow, a shipping container grow or a greenhouse grow this book provides project photographs – cost summaries – worksheets – diagrams and narratives to ensure that nothing is overlooked.Armed with this book you can duplicate any project within or create a similar project by simply taking this book to your grow shop to your DIY store and to your builder. If you are seeking investors for your project this book will ensure that you are well prepared with all of the necessary information to plan, execute, forecast and operate a profitable enterprise.

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Serendipity ser•en•dip•i•ty [the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way]. After completing this book and looking back over the 40+ years of my professional experience it has become clear to me that each step of my education and experience has contributed to this endeavor and given me the unique qualifications necessary to write a comprehensive book on building a grow environment. I certainly never guessed that my objectives and experiences would lead me to the cannabis industry. In 1975 I completed my electrical education followed by 5 years as a field technician and then 11 years of estimating and sales. The next step was project management for large and complex facilities. In 1994 I started a contracting business and obtained three professional licenses; builder, electrician and integrator. During the latter years of contracting I began growing my own indoor cannabis in a shed. When I decided to add a grow light I looked online and was surprised to learn that retail grow stores existed. I prefer hands on shopping and I sought advice that didn’t come from contradictory internet blogs. My first experience at a hydroponics store was pleasant; at a time of economic despair this shop was excited about the future. At that time the economy was failing and I had been forced to take a project management job. Shortly after my grow shop visit I was inspired; I quit my job and opened a grow store. During the next 8 years we assisted thousands of growers with day to day questions. My diverse experience came into play (instead of going to waste). I often performed consultation “house-calls” to provide suggestions for improvement. Some customers needed help building their grow rooms or adding power circuits so we built entire rooms or improved existing rooms. Summary: It is a rare combination of skills and experience that would qualify someone to write an effective book on designing and building a room to grow. The following assets are integrated into my first book. 40+ years of electrical design and installation experience ~ 40+ years of overlapping facility automation experience ~ 20+ years of overlapping building experience ~ 20+ years of overlapping personal growing experience ~ 8+ years of grow shop experience ~ 8+ years of grow room consultation experience (a privilege of trust to see hundreds of grow rooms) ~ 8+ years of grow room construction experience (all projects in this book built by the author and crew) Serendipity!

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