LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants - Relassy 75W Sunlike Full Spectrum Plants Lights 3/6/12H Timer CREE COB Grow Lamp - Dual Head Flexible Gooseneck – 5 Dimmable Lights for House Plants

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LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants - Relassy 75W Sunlike Full Spectrum Plants Lights 3/6/12H Timer CREE COB Grow Lamp - Dual Head Flexible Gooseneck – 5 Dimmable Lights for House Plants


  • JUST LIKE REAL SUNLIGHT: Worried your indoor plants aren’t getting enough sunlight? Not anymore! This LED grow light delivers full spectrum light with all the wavelengths of light between 380nm – 800nm to simulate natural sunlight! This indoor plants grow light promotes photosynthesis, accelerates sprouting, bloom, and fruiting while promoting overall plant health.
  • WIDER & BRIGHTER ILLUMINATION: Unlike red and blue spectrum plant light, our led plant light delivers true sun like full spectrum plant lights for indoor plants which coupled with the CREE COB LED & multi-layer reflector covers more area with light. Thanks to the optimal heat dissipation design, our indoor plant light can be used for months without losing any of its brightness to provide you long term and reliable use.
  • FOR ALL YOUR PLANTS & MORE: Whether you’re growing some herbs or just common house plants, you can count on our grow lights for indoor plants. Thanks to the 5 Dimmable Levels you can adjust the lighting intensity of the indoor grow light making it the perfect choice for indoor plants, hydroponics, greenhouses, and can even be used as a common desk lamp for your tables.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & ADJUST: Using the C-clamps you can place this full spectrum plant light in your home, office, plants stands and anywhere else you want while keeping this led grow lights safely and firmly in place. The flexible gooseneck is longer, thicker and offers 360 Degree Rotation. Auto ON/OFF Timing function lets you set full spectrum grow lights up for 3, 6 or 12 hours and don’t have to turning on or off this grow lamp manually everyday.
  • SAFE & RELIABLE TO USE: Our flower growing light has been certified by the FCC, CE, ROHS, and PSE as well as offering overcurrent, overheating, and overvoltage protection so that you can safely use led growing light around your home and office. Your purchase is backed by our 2-Year Service Guarantee along with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Product Description

led grow light

Why do plants need the plant lamp?

  • Most plants need light as people need water.
  • Light is very important for plants, no matter in which phase of growth, since light is indispensable for photosynthesis. If the light is not enough, plants will become weak, sick and even dying. The full-spectrum plant lamp can not only deliver the light that plants need for growth, but can also accelerate plant growth, shorten the growth cycle.
Why Relassy?
led grow light
  • Auto on / off with timing function, more convenient.
  • Equipped CREE LED chips, high quality and longer life.
  • 4 levels dimmable, suitable for all growth stages of plants.
  • Stronger and more flexible gooseneck, and the lamp can easily be held in any position.
  • Upgrade clamp: Keep the lamp sufficiently stable. Open mouth from 1 cm to 6.5 cm, widespread in many places.
  • Ten years experience in the development and manufacture of growth lamps.
  • 5 stars customer experience.

Your Plants Need this “Warm Sun”, Any Time, Any Where:

led grow light


led grow light

Q & A

Q1: Why are there two performance data?

A1: 75W means that the LED plant lamp can replace 75W MH / HPS. The power consumption is about 25W.

Q2: Does the plant lamp have a timing function?

A2: Yes, the plant lamp LED with 3/6/12 hour timing function. Automatic switching on and off every day. More comfortable.


  • Product Name: LED Plant Lamp
  • Wavelength: 380nm-800nm
  • Leds: CREE 3590
  • Input voltage: 100-240V
  • Maximum power: 75W
  • Energy consumption: 30W ± 5%
  • Dimension: 29*4*4 inch
  • Power cord: 60inch


  1. Place the plant lamp in a well-ventilated and dry place.
  2. Do not touch the head of the plant lamp while working, avoid scalding.


WHY CHOOSE US but not other red and blue spectrum pink light?

If you’ve grown both indoors and out, you know there’s nothing like the sun:

Reason 1: Safe and harm free. The combination of red and blue light produces radiation that is harmful to humans. Those “pink light” may burn your skin and cause various damage to your skin. At the same time, in many cases, it can cause discoloration of plants. The more dangerous situation is that it may change the original cellular components of the plant. If you eat such vegetables or fruits, it may affect your health.

Reason 2: Healthier and more nutritious. For fruits and vegetables, we should pay more attention to its nutritional components. So it will be better to grow under “Sunlike”. Nutritional components of plants are fully synthesized under fully simulated sunlight. We truly offer a “Sunlike” full spectrum contains all wavelengths of light from 380nm to 800nm, delivers more highly-uniform light needed by plants than those single red and blue spectrum led grow light on the market, the most top lighting solution for commercial growers and home hobbyists.

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