Finches Chickadees Hopper Bird Feeder Small Curved Red


Finches Chickadees Hopper Bird Feeder Small Curved Red



This Finches and Chickadees Hopper Feeder is the perfect size for finches, chickadees as well as other small songbirds. This Finches Chickadees Hopper Bird Feeder Small Curved Red was  designed for a variety of seeds including black oil sunflower and mixed seeds. Most people like to fill them with sunflower hearts. Other popular seeds are the Nyjer seed; they are tiny black seeds commonly called the “thistle.”  It is derived from a plant that grows primarily in Ethiopia and is used frequently for commercial birdseed. The small area for perching helps to keeps the larger birds that like to devour the seeds such as doves from feeding here.
Made from recycled milk jugs! This sturdy and durable material is guaranteed not to fade, crack or rot. It is put together with stainless steel screw construction, a steel hanging cable and acrylic windows. This attractive feeder will be a pleasant sight in your garden or around your home and will last forever!
Overall dimensions: 10.25″ tall x 6.5″ deep x 10.25″ wide.

Finches are small birds with stout bills or beaks that are great for eating seeds or nuts from this lovely Finches Chickadees Hopper Bird Feeder Small Curved Red.  They are usually very colorful, sporting a wide range of colors and are not a migratory bird.

Chickadees: At a quick glance, the chickadees can resemble both finches and sparrows. However, the Chickadee is  plumage is far more acrobatic and energetic and travels in flocks.  They have bold face markings that the finch and sparrows do not have and their feathers are more pied (more than 1 color, generally at least 2 or more). 

Recycle your milk cartons and other plastic products, this is a great way to save our environment as well as adding beautiful colors and birds to your garden.
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