VegeBox Home Smart Indoor Garden|Hydroponic Grow System

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VegeBox Home Smart Indoor Garden|Hydroponic Grow System


28 Planting Holes+Intelligent Lighting System w/Timer|Hydroponic Grow Kit
  • GROW YOUR OWN HERBS, VEGETABLES, SALAD LEAVES & MORE ALL YEAR ROUND: No matter the season or the weather, with the VegeBox Home you can grow fresh, nutritious, herbs, vegetables and microgreens at your fingertips, with no messy waste or throw away plastics.
  • ALL NATURAL FOOD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Growing your own produce means you can rest assured your food is fresh and free from pesticides. Packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, home grown herbs and leafy greens are low in calories, high in antioxidants and packed with nutritional benefits to help you live your healthiest life.
  • SMART GROWTH SYSTEM: With the easy start button, built in timer and smart lighting technology the VegeBox Home will be growing delicious healthy plants for 14 hours a day whilst you work, rest and play. The intelligent lighting system will start a cycle of 14 hours of lighting followed by 10 hours off and then repeat. The VegeBox Home power button will slowly flash when the nutrition concentration is below the desired level to alert you to add water and nutrients.
  • GARDENING MADE EASY, FOR EVERYONE: Simple to set up and use – The VegeBox Home comes with 28 planting beds, seed box, shading hats, plating baskets, measuring cup, tweezers and more! Just add water and nutrients and let the VegeBox do the work for you! The VegeBox Home power light will remind you when to add water and nutrition. Watch, wait and enjoy your harvest!
  • This product is built to US standards and is equipped with a US plug to fit all standard wall sockets.

Product description


With the VegeBox Home you can have the full Garden to Plate experience, even if you don’t have a back garden or balcony. All you need is nutrient rich water and a power point. The VegeBox Home features 4 planting trays with a combined 28 planting holes. The VegeBox Home indoor garden kit will comfortably fit on your kitchen bench and multiple units can be stacked on top of each other to save space. Fresh, nutritious, herbs, vegetables and microgreens at your fingertips, with no messy waste or throw away plastics.

Hydroponic gardening simply means growing plants in water without soil. The VegeBox Home requires no soil, which means no mess!

The intelligent lighting system means that your plants are getting a constant cycle of light and darkness mimicking the day/night cycle in nature. Adjusting the nutrient levels also means you can fine-tune the growing conditions to achieve your desired results. These processes use less water than conventional gardening and make for viable crops all year round, regardless of seasonal weather and climate.

Features of the VegeBox Home indoor Garden Kit:

  • Stackable to save space – make the most of your vertical space
  • Intelligent lighting system with timer
  • Water pump outlet with automatic shut off
  • Shading Caps for superior seed cultivation
  • 28 Planting Holes
  • Seeding Box
  • 2 Year Warranty

Accessories Included: Instruction manual, 3 x 4 hole planting bed, 1 x 16 hole planting bed, Power Supply,Water Pump, Sponge x 30 pieces, Seed Box, 5 Shading Hats, 30 Planting baskets, Measuring Cup, Tweezers

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